~The MC LARS podcast, episode 35. Andrew (lars) and I sat for an hour in my studio and talked about our long creative kinship, as well as the making of the Ancient Baby album and the forthcoming LOAN full length, “blue phase”:

~Talking with the astute Mark Nichol, debuting some of the Ancient Baby album, and performing a few tunes live on his KWMR show ‘Rock of Ages’, 4/21/19. Our portion begins one hour in:

~Nice audio piece on KALW about poet Tongo Eisen-Martin, with music by our band LOAN peppered throughout: 

Ancient Baby live @ Loustic Sessions, premiered on the Bay Bridged:

~”Pair Work Fast and Loose with Poetry, Music” – Nice article on LOAN, Tongo Eisen-Martin’s and my band, from the San Francisco Chronicle, 10/30/15:

~”I am a Town Crier, so I engage with the public by making albums, performing indoors and out, teaching guitar, putting my heart down in written form and, lastly — most important — being there to observe when something’s happening!”

~4/3/13 Interview for SF Weekly: 

“The result of Peck’s scene shifting and style studying is a unique mixture of electric jazz, hip hop and pop. The guy can go from p-funk to honky tonk at warp speed, use his cadence like an instrument and play mean guitar licks while rapping about James Brown, underwear and other obscurities.”

~Eugene Weekly, 7/12/12 (full article here:

“Chris Peck is a singular artist. The first time I saw him perform was outside the 16th & Mission BART station during one of those Thursday night gatherings, straddling the nerdy and the hip with smart, speed-changing rhymes, a lean-in and an open-faced, underplayed hand-clap. Is this guy serious, I wondered, but the answer was obvious; not only was he compelling — directly communicating with the loud and often indifferent crowd of Dionysians — but shouts of “Peck!” and “Peck the Town Crier!” told me he’d earned the kind of respect reserved for only a small portion of the recurring performers there.”

~Evan Karp, KQED Arts blog, October 8th 2011 (read the rest of the article here:

“…the musical equivalent of California cuisine.”

-East Bay Express (Nate Seltenrich, full story here:

“Peck the Town Crier has waged war against predictability.”
~East Bay Express (Nate Seltenrich, full story here:

“I’ve never heard anything quite like it…showcases Peck’s story raps – on topics like James Brown, his grandfather, coffee, underwear, the joy of living – over eclectic musical tracks … by some of Marin and the Bay Area’s finest young musicians.”
Marin Independent Journal (Paul Liberatore, full story here:

“On his new album, Groundhog’s Day , Peck brings a sincere, scholarly reverence to every style explored, from the be-bop of “Jump for Joy” and the soulful p-funk of “Underwear,” to the honky-tonk of “The Widow and the Wasp” and cheerleader stomp of “Shout!”
~North Bay Bohemian (David Sason, full story here:

“It’s a bit weird, a bit eccentric, but hey, it’s what San Francisco is all about!”

“Peck celebrates the voice as instrument and explores new avenues of rhythmic counterpoint. Every track shines forth with originality…”

“Kicking off with “Shout!”, Groundhog’s Day immediately establishes itself as a record jam-packed with positive, sometimes poignant, sometimes humorous lyrics, pounding, dedicated rhythm, and a backing outfit that creates the perfect aural setting for Peck’s unique, mile-a-minute delivery.”
~roundthedial, music blog

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