“Comin’ Round Again ~ A Home-Fi Transmission” – In celebration of the Home-Fi Album Premiere on All Streaming Sites:

“Bruce Lee” – Second Music video from the “Ancient Baby” album:

“We’re All Thinkin’ About You” – First music video from the “Ancient Baby” album:

“Owl Mountain Sessions No.13” – An in-studio composition with my good friend Greg Bette, who was visiting from France:

“Possibilities” – Live at Translucent Studios

“Go Girl” Live at Peck’s House – Loustic Sessions

“You Know What I’ll Never Know”

Guitar Teacher – Introduction


“You’ve Got To Work It”

“Climbing Down the Wind”

“Empty Spaces”

Heaven Is All Goodbyes”

“Love Seeing Lovers” 

“Kickstartin’ It” 

“You’re Gonna Like Me” 


“Self-Nunchi” for the Clattering Loom Series:

“Be Cool Be Cool” for SF Weekly Blog:


“James Brown” at Quiet Lightning 2011 :



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  1. Watch the official new video from CHRIS PECK for his song “BRUCE LEE” from the album ANCIENT BABY! – Independent Distribution Collective Blog - August 5, 2020

    […] Several music videos from the album have been released, some narrative, others featuring footage from the studio or showcasing the Ancient Baby band. All of these can be seen at […]

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