Friday March 24th, 9:00pm – Peri’s Tavern, Fairfax CA.  Chris Peck’s Sparkling Water (10pm) and Wyld Iris (duo) (9pm). We are so pumped for this double bill. $10 Check out the very special music of Wyld Iris here:

Saturday, April 22nd, 9:00pm – Papermill Creek Saloon, Forest Knolls CA. Chris Peck’s Sparkling Water – Live recording! Join us for an evening with Sparkling Water and special guests. For this show, and actually all of our Spring shows, we will be recording the night with the help of engineer Ryan Shaw, aka House Call Recording. Come be a part of history! $10, 21+

Sunday, June 11th – Chris Peck’s Sparkling Water at the 46th Annual FAIRFAX FESTIVAL. 1:30pm on the Eco Stage, Free, All-ages. We are stoked and honored to play at the Fairfax Festival this year, on the Eco Stage. Many of our friends bands will be playing the same stage that day. It should be a great hang.


1/14/23- Chris Peck’s Sparkling Water, triple bill with Go by Ocean and Starchild at Peri’s Bar, Fairfax CA

12/9/22- Chris Peck’s Sparkling Water, (our first quintet show!) double bill with Starchild at Papermill Creek Saloon, Forest Knolls CA

11/19/22 – Solo show, co-bill with Jett Davidson aka Country Psychic, Fairfax Barbershop

11/13/22 – Chris Peck’s Sparkling Water, Quartet Show, Smiley’s Schooner Saloon, Bolinas CA. 

10/8/22- Chris Peck’s Sparkling Water, Quartet Show, San Anselmo Town Hall

8/31/22- Chris Peck’s Sparkling Water, Quartet Show, Golden Gate Park Bandshell

8/16/22- Duo show w/ Adam Bowers, Spec’s Tavern San Francisco. Special guest poets: JosiahLuis Alderete, Charlie Getter

8/6/22- Duo show w/JT John, in a Fairfax backyard

5/30/22- Sparkling Water, Columba Livia, Juicebumps, PSDSP @ Papermill Creek Saloon, Forest Knolls

4/7/22- Sparkling Water Quartet @ Peri’s Bar, Fairfax

2/18/22- Sparkling Water Trio @  Smiley’s Schooner Saloon, Bolinas

12/11/21- Solo Set @ the Golden Gate Park Bandshell, San Francisco

11/13/21- Sparkling Water Album Release Show, Smiley’s Schooner Saloon, Bolinas 

10/27/21- Solo Set @ the Golden Gate Park Bandshell, San Francisco – w/Future Twin and Qualia

8/29/21 – Ancient Baby @ Peri’s Bar Patio Show – w/Andrew Byars and Michaela Thomas

8/18/21 – Solo Set @ the Golden Gate Park Bandshell, San Francisco – w/Ben Lang and Evan Wardell

2/27/20 – Duo Show w/ Angeline Saris @ 19 Broadway, Fairfax

2/25/20 – Ancient Baby @ Terrapin Crossroads – Mardi Gras show w/ special guest Patrick Byers in the second set: (full show tape)

1/25/20 – Ancient Baby @ Terrapin Crossroads – (full show tape)

11/29/19 – Ancient Baby @ Hopmonk, Novato CA – w/James M. Harman Band

11/1/19 – Solo Set @ Pignic Pub & Patio, Reno NV – w/Nico’s Mystery and Lumbercat

10/28/19- In-Store Show @ House of Records, Eugene OR – every tour has an awkward show. this was it. bless them for having me though.

10/26/19 – Weird Sisters, Astoria ORw/ Memory Boys 

10/25/19- Double Album Release Show with David Gluck, Chez David, Portland OR

10/24/19- In-Store Show @ Music Millennium, Portland OR 

10/22/19- Solo Show @ Blondie’s Food & Drink, Arcata CA – w/Michael Dayvid

10/20/19 – Ancient Baby at Peri’s Bar, Fairfax – w/ Memory Boys

10/19/19 – Peck Solo Show at Bedrock Records, with Matthew Larkin Cassell

9/29/19 – Ancient Baby @ Terrapin Crossroads – (full show tape)

7/17/19 – Ancient Baby @ Terrapin Crossroads – (full show tape)

6/5/19 – Ancient Baby @ Brick & Mortar Music Hall – (fun show tape)

5/3/19- Ancient Baby Album Release Show @ Hopmonk Novato – with James Harman Band

9/9/17 – LOAN @ Quiet Lightning, Poetry in Parks, Candlestick Point, SF

9/6/17 – LOAN @ Nomadic Press – 2301 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland.

8/17/17- Ancient Baby @ Peri’s Bar, Fairfax, CA – with A.O. Gerber and We Are the West

7/28/17- Ancient Baby @ Amnesia, SF – w/ Ismay (Avery Hellman) & Ruben Diaz

6/10/17- Ancient Baby @ Fairfax Festival

5/27/17 – Ancient Baby @ Rock and Rose – San Rafael, Ca.

5/19/17 – Ancient Baby @ 19 Broadway, Fairfax Ca. – with Ezra Lipp’s new band, Magic in the Other. 

4/22/17 – Ancient Baby, Doc’s Lab, SF – with  Go By Ocean (record release show)

3/24/17 – Peck the Town Crier, Bottom of the Hill, SF – with MC LARS, MEGA RAN and BIG O.

1/24/17 – Ancient Baby, Bottom of the Hill, SF – with Broken Shadows and Jack o’ the Clock.

1/16/17 – LOAN– Bringing the Noise for Dr. Martin Luther King – Nourse Theater, SF

11/20/16 – Revolutionary Poetry & Music featuring LOAN – Red Poppy Art House, SF

7/22/16 – Ancient Baby at Festival de la Cour Denis, Bourgogne France. Video here.

5/23/16 – LOANBird & Beckett, SF   

1/22/16 – Ancient Baby, Peri’s Bar, Fairfax CA – with Columba Livia. Video here. 

1/5/16 Ancient Baby, Bottom of the Hill, SF CA – with Inward Creature . Video here.

12/12/15 – LOANBicycle Works, San Anselmo. Video here

6/20/15 –  LOAN – 19 Broadway, Fairfax

4/16/15 – LOAN – “Under the Influence” – Emerald Tablet, SF. Video here.

10/30/15 – LOAN (quartet show), Red Poppy Art House, SF CA – Our first quartet show ever, with my musical soul mate Jon Rogers on drums and my musical brother Miles Wick on upright and electric bass.  We filmed the whole show! Here’s some of it:

10/9/15 – Ancient Baby, Peri’s Bar, Fairfax CA – With Brindl.

6/27/15 Ancient Baby, Paddy’s, Ashland OR – Second gig of the night, following the Oregon Shakespeare Fest.

6/20/15- Ancient Baby, Snow Angel, LOAN, 19 Broadway, Fairfax CA. Video here. 

2/20/15– Ancient Baby, Peri’s Bar, Fairfax –  ‘Twas the first show of Ancient Baby, and the last show of PSDSP.  A magic and heartening night.  Video here.

7/26/14- Festival Cour Denis, Bourgogne, France – This was a life-changer…miss it already and will return next summer as an audience member: 

7/17/14- 26 Rue Des Envierges, Paris. avec Myriam Faisandier of Babtous Cocktail.

6/22/14 – Bachanalia Fest @ Emerald Tablet, San Francisco – w/ Field Medic, the Thoughts, Sama Dama, Edwin Valero, Butanna, Devotionals , Evan Karp, Jon Siegel, Charlie Getter, Paul Corman-Roberts…

5/10/14 – 19 Broadway, Fairfax-   Peck the Town Crier, Everyone is Dirty, El Terrible

4/10/14- Amnesia, San Francisco CA– with with several rippers from Breakup Records. 

1/17/14- 19 Broadway, Fairfax CA– with Playground

1/5/14-  Arlene Francis Center, Santa Rosa CA – with Miles WickAlex Rather-Taylor and the Vespertine Orchestra

12/29/13- Hotel Utah, San Francisco CA –  with Miles WickAlex Rather-Taylor and Miriam Speyer

12/21/13- Uptown Lounge, Oakland CA – with MC LARSC.U.P.C.A.K.E., and the Wilde

9/5/13- 19 Broadway, Fairfax CA – with Jack o’the Clock and In the Wake

6/30/13- Phoenix Theater, Petaluma – with We Are the MenPSDSPFox & Woman

6/23/13- St.Clouds, Seattle – My 33rd b-day show 🙂 with Trevor Wheetman and his whole family…amazing songwriting in their blood. 

6/19/13- Le Voyeur, Olympia – With Cameron Snyder. 

6/17/13 – Valentine’s, Portland – with Memory Boys and Breakup Flowers

6/14/13 – The Works, Eureka –  in-store appearance at one of my favorite record stores.  Thanks, Bandon!

5/16/13- 50 Mason Social House, SF – with the Picture & the Frame

3/26/13 – Bows & Arrows, Sacramento – with GREX and the LURK

3/12/13- 50 Mason Social House, SF – with Uni and her Ukelele, the Wyatt Act

1/19/13– Actual Cafe, Oakland- with Evan Karp, Charlie Getter, Nicole Klaymoon, Clyde Gallagher

12/30/12 – Hotel Utah, SF –  with Alex Rather Taylor, Miles Wick and Dubious Ranger

12/15/12- Actual Cafe, Oakland- with Gabby Lala’s Snow Angel and  Jascha

11/11/12- Bicycle Works, Fairfax- with Eli Carlton-Pearson and Siafu (holy cow that was a crazy show…click those links)

10/20/12- Actual Cafe, Oakland- Episode 1 of my “Catch the Breeze” series at Actual.  Third Saturday’s, y’all!  With Alex Rather Taylor, Cello Joe, Jonathan Hirsch

9/9/12- Hotel Utah, SF- Dubious Ranger, Cartoon Violence

9/3/12- Quiet Lightning, at the Conservatory of Flowers, SF…

8/22/12- 19 Broadway, Fairfax CA with La Fiva and Major Powers and the Lo-fi Symphony

8/17/12- Oversocial Mofo Review, San Jose CA  Hosted by John Staedler

7/28/- Backyard Boogie, San Rafael CA- My homecoming show after NW tour! with LA FIVA and Eli Carlton Pearson 8:00pm 1609 4th Street, San Rafael CA 94901 FREE – ALL AGES

7/24/12 with Brandon Zahursky and Alex Rather Taylor

7/22/11- El Corazon, Seattle WA- never play here.  you know i rarely say anything disparaging, right? for your health, don’t play here 🙂

7/17/11- Le Voyeur, Olympia WA- with Cameron Snyder

 7/16/12- Valentine’s, Portland OR- with Scavenger Cunt , Pavone  and Skinny Jesus…dope venue and amazing group of bands.

7/13/12-Tiny Tavern, Eugene OR– with TELL THE TRUTH

7/11/12 & 7/12/12- the Works, Eureka CA- Humbolt’s best record store…miss these cats already

6/30/12- Actual Cafe, Oakland- with Ryan Beebethe Stages of Sleep and SOULGLITCH

6/5/12- Rennaissance Hotel, Los Angeles- with Greg Scott

5/31/12- the Torch Club, Sacramento– with Major Powers & the Lofi Symphony and La Fiva

3/27/12- Cafe du Nord, San Franciso- with Midi Matilda and BEAM sold out on a rainy tuesday!!

12/16/11- Hopmonk Tavern, Sebastopol- with Tornado Rider

11/18/11- Oakland– House concert with Yesway and Key Losers 

11/10/11- Triumph Brewery, Philadelphia- Peck the Town Crier with the Half of It

11/6/11- Bloombars, DC- Peck the Town Crier with the Half of It

9/30/11- El Cid, Los Angeles- with Trevor Menear

9/16/11- backyardBOOGIE, San Rafael- with Rose Logue, Denielle Basom, Krishna

9/8/11- Smiley’s, Bolinas- with Eli Wise Band

8/27/11- New Taste Market, SF- with San Matisse, Lauren Sturm

8/21/11- Stork Club, Oakland- with Children of Time, Bitch Franklin, Pure Cane

8/7/11- Mojito, San Francisco- with Alex Rather Taylor, J.Young Son

8/6/11- the Good Fest, Fairfax- with Jonathan London

7/29/11- WILD UP! A party by the Trickster Salon, of San Francisco

7/16/11- Aubergine, Sebastopol– with Con Brio & Rose Logue

5/11/11- the 222 Club, San Francisco- with Blipvert & the Secret Secretaries

4/30/11- the Park Chalet, San Francisco – The Crymuscles

3/1/11- Beach Chalet, San Francisco with the Crymuscles: Brian Wilkerson, Chris Detrick, John Rogers, special guests Adam Bauers, Aaron Green

12/19/10- Aubergine, Sebastopol Quartet show with James Harman, Brian Wilkerson, Tim Brennan, special guests Luke Westbrook, Biko Cassini, Jethro Jeremiah

10/10/10- Viracocha, SF

Secret Secretaries’ album Release Party, also with Both Cheese (from Japan)

9/27/10- Brainwash, SF

Mike Skott’s Inaugural Ink Press Open Mic

9/20/10- Album Release, Elbo Room SF

9/18/10-Beach Chalet, SF

8/15/10- Beach Chalet, SF

7/26/10- Viracocha, San Francisco

with Chappo & Jascha Hoffman

7/24/10- Samapalooza FestNovato

5/30/10- Blue Six Acoustic RoomSan Francisco

With Kapowski & Timosaurus

5/16/10-Roco Dance Center, Fairfax

Opening for Nicole Klay Moon’s Embodiment Project (dance company)

4/10/10-Retox Lounge

With Roy G Biv, Karney, Katie Garibaldi

3/27/10-Cafe Gratitude, San Rafael

Gratitude Afterhours Party, with MC Yogi, Matt& Avasa, Todd Haack

Wild Fox, Novato

Thursday, October 15th, 7-10pm

Friday, October 23rd, 8-11pm

Thursday, October 29th, 7-10pm

Friday, November 6th, 8-11pm

Thursday, November 12th, 7-10pm

8/14/09- The Art Shack, SF

with Con Brio

8/13/09- Wild Fox, Novato

8/08/09- Samapalooza, Novato
with Vs.Them, Faith in Phantoms, La Muneca y Los Muertos

7/19/09- The Church, San Anselmo
with Matthew Schoening, Children Of Time

7/18/09- Music in the Plaza, San Rafael

7/11/09- Blake’s, Berkeley

with Brax, Forrofiando

6/23/09- Elbo Room, SF (album release)

with the Genie & MC Lars

6/07/09- Bedrock Records, San Rafael

4/16/09- the Rock It Room, SF

2/20/09- the Uptown , Oakland
with MC Lars, K.Flay, and the Rondo Brothers

12/17/08- 19 Broadway, Fairfax
with Judgement Day and Vs.Them

8/27/08- 19 Broadway, Fairfax
with Judgement Day and Vs.Them

7/06/08- Café Du Nord, SF

with Greg Scott Band

4/25/08- Le Chronique, Edinburgh Castle Pub, SF
with dj Adam Twelve and Omnimaat

4/16/08- Sweetwater Station, Larkspur
with Monophonics and the Greg Scott Band

3/30/08- Bedrock Records, San Rafael
with Oona Garthwaite and Twompson P

3/16/08- Elbo Room, SF
with Brax

2/29/08- Le Chronique, Edinburgh Castle Pub, SF
with Spaceheater (aka Jazz Mafia)

2/23/08- Peacock Lounge, SF

with dj Adam Twelve

2/20/08- Blue Six Acoustic Room

with Luke Westbrook and Dillon Westbrook

2/14/08- El Rio, SF

with Brax

12/29/07- Le Chronique, Edinburgh Castle Pub, SF
with MC Lars and The Genie

12/13/07- Beale St. Bar, SF

with Oona Garthwaite

12/10/07- Pier 23, SF (album release)

11/13/07- Climate Theater Music Box Series, SF
with H.A.N.K.M.O.B.L.E.Y. and Headboggle

10/18/07- Twelve Galaxies, SF
with the Welcome Matt, Pine & Battery, the Morning Line

9/06/07- Boom Boom Room, SF

with Kids & Hearts

8/26/07- Javalounge, Sacramento
with Collaborative Arts Insurgency

7/28/07- Private Event, SF
with the Moanin’ Dove

7/19/07- The Hotel Utah, SF

with Amy Cooper, Brad Brooks

6/22/07- Bar Deluxe, Salt Lake City, UT
with Amy Cooper

5/03/07- the Makeout Room, SF
with the Genie and Brian Kenney Fresno

4/04/07- the Rock It Room, SF

with Amy Cooper

12/30/06- 19 Broadway, Fairfax

with Vinyl

12/15/06- Café Amsterdam, Fairfax
with Dubious Ranger

11/18/06- Blue Rock Shoot, Saratoga
with Cello Joe

11/06/06- Hotel Utah, SF


-This year, somehow, I’ll be releasing my first novel, “I Wish the King”, a fiction about Michael Jackson.

-The debut album by ANCIENT BABY is nearly done.  I just need to make up my mind about a few things…hi-fi or lo-fi? Self-mixed or hire a wizard? Self-released or look for help?  Only the Baby knows…listen to the womb… the rough drafts are lurking somewhere on the web.

-“Loanlife”, the first incendiary device from my new band LOAN is out.  Digital only for now, chapbook hardcopies being discussed around a table in a dark basement, beneath a swinging, shadeless bulb.

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  1. Katie Garibaldi April 1, 2010 at 8:28 am #

    Looking forward to playing at the Retox Lounge show with you on April 24th, fellow IDC artist! 🙂

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