14 Oct


On the horizon:

Tomorrow night, The Crymuscles are kicking off a run of six weekly shows at the Wild Fox (225 Alameda del Prado, Novato 94949)

Here are the dates:
Thursday, 10/15, 7-10pm
Friday, 10/23, 8-11pm
Thursday, 10/29, 7-10pm
Friday, 11/6, 8-11pm
Thursday, 11/12, 7-10pm
Friday, 11/20, 8-11pm

The ‘Muscles will be bringing it to you lonnnng and funky. We’ve got a bunch of new music (ain’t none of you heard these songs yet), and we’ll be featuring several special guests along the way.

Likely cameos by: James Harmon– (the coldest guitarist in Marin, I say…) Andrea Blunt– (a gifted multi-instrumentalist I met recently while playing with Mc Lars) Annnnd Paulo Presotto– who is not a guest artist, he’s a Crymuscle! and a genius too, bringing his Braziliality and his man-witch mojo.

We, the Crymuscles, are super grateful to have a regular gig, where we can play longer sets and take some risks. Please come out tomorrow night, and celebrate the opening night of our northern sojourn! The Wild Fox serves beautiful food, including some really satisfying vegetarian food, I can attest. Or if you are into steaks and cigars, they’ve got a handle on those too.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll begin tracking my next release as Peck the Town Crier: an EP called HOME PHONE. It’ll be produced by Miles Kennedy, a deep old friend of mine, who once convinced me to move to NYC.
The songs are very warm sounding. I’ll be playing all the instruments, and the songs are mostly sung, not rapped.
that peckthetowncrier.com and thecrymuscles.com have been redirected here to my wordpress page. that’s because i was always slow about updating on those pages. welcome to the place where it alllll goes down, now! soon, i’ll be adding a discography, where you can listen to all kinds of stuff that me and the ‘muscles  have done.
Alright…Take Care, friends. See you soon.
“Hipness is not a state of mind. It’s a fact of life.”
-Cannonball Adderly

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