Mahalo People

8 Feb

Sing, muse! of a virus.  Sometimes the bug is the cure.  That’s what we’re hoping with this Underwear video.  Sorry for the never-ending build-up, people.  Last month, we had a little fete at Littlefield in Brooklyn.

Much of our volunteer cast was on hand, shaking butt to my brother’s selections.  (Natural selections, always.  He is a biologist.)  Thank you for being there, in such high spirits too!  The party was hosted, handsomely, by director Naftali Beane Rutter.  Ever the ringmaster, he planned a dead wizard spectacle, featuring me.  We showed the video twice, I rapped and danced a little for ’em, and drank some dark spiced chocolate.  As all great parties do, the night went completely undocumented.

This brings me to the present:  Time for a wesT COAST UndERweaR pAhtay!

My favorite venue in SF is going to host us.  But here’s the thing: the venue is a home!  So I cannot publish where it’s at.  (some of you might know which home now)

So in lieu of WHERE, here’s WHAT/WHEN:

Friday February 19th, from 8-11pm

I’ll be playing a solo set, spinning sock-hop records, and showing the new Underwear music video, at 9 o’clock and 10:30.

For a mere Five Ducats, you will board our joyful vessel, partake of free wine and cheese, and catch the bug too!

SO!, if this all sounds good, write me at, and RSVP.  Because this is a home, seats are limited, so HOLLA!

Lastly, I promise this thing will be on the web soon.  Some benevolent chickens are yet to hatch re: this.

Much love, everyone.


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