Peckian Odyssey

11 Aug

Blogging now to catch my breath, and process a monster month, y’all

First came, love, then came marriage, then came…nonono


Isn't that stunning?

Me and Brian Wilkerson, having a moment

I always have high expectations for Samapalooza fest, but Keating, Beletto et al surpassed them this year.  Lotsa dancin, lotsa mirth.  I also had an interview with Cat Caspar of ROOTJAM.COM, an interesting site centered on sharing musical stem files…have that video for you soon.


Next was an adhoc show at VIRACOCHA, my favorite hideaway in SF.  Shared the bill with


fearless they were

CHAPPO is from Brooklyn.  They sound like angry candy, and were 100% universally loved by SF.  Their album is available (name-your-price, potentially free) on their bandcamp page.

Also at Viracocha was Jascha Hoffman, a guy I’ve been hearing about for along time, and finally had a chance to play alongside.  His music is full of life,  dagger-sharp witty.


Later that week I spent a day recording with Nino Moschella, a funk soul brotha I admire, at his Bird & Egg Studio.  Worked on a tune called “Whirlwind”.  The semi-finished result is here:

Thennnn, I paid a whole lot of parking and traffic tickets, had a passport rushed to  my door by some mercenary company, and flew to Canada with very little $ in the bank…Hung in Vancouver and Victoria, was a guest at a wedding and met a lot of LOVELY human beings.  I hope some of you are reading this… I’ll be back to BC, no doubt.

Other mischief and reports soon…ps check out the LISTEN section, new!  For a limited time, “Underwear” is free for download there.  Please download some more of the tunes and help a broke minstrel.



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