Peep the Quartet!

8 Oct

What’s good, kids?  Here’s a jam from a recent show at the Beach Chalet in SF.  We love hidin’ out at the restaurant gigs.  Where else can we do what we want so freely?  This quartet is pure Jedi pedigree: James Harman-guitar, Tim Brennan-drums, Brian Wilkerson-Bass


In other news, I’ll be playing a solo show this Sunday at Viracocha in SF.   I’ve been anticipating this show for a long time: it’s the release party for the Secret Secretaries new record.  So pumped.  Also on the bill, a band on tour from Japan, called BOTH CHEESE… (love the language mutations).  Show starts with me playing at 8pm .  998 Valencia St., SF CA 94110             Cover probably $5…not sure though….


Lastly, it is of central importance to your general happiness and well-being that you hear my new EP, “HOME PHONE”.  If you’ve not heard it yet, don’t deny yourself any further:

Much love y’all.




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