Name Check

9 Feb

Greetings Y’all.  The new year brings new jams.  Here are two working mixes from my forthcoming GHOST OF PAYPHONE ep, the darker twin of Home Phone.

I’ve name checked some heroes in the lyrics on this ep.  Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle was an inspiration for “Smashing”, the first tune.

Hit  track advance and you’ll hear “the Myth of Mystikal”, an homage to the great New Orleans rapper Mystikal.

He’s recently been released from Louisianna State Pen, which you’ll hear about in my semi-fictional flow.  If you’ve never heard Mystikal, don’t deprive yourself any further.  There’s no one like him.  Particularly, I admire an album called “Unpredictable”, released in 1997. His rhythms, characters and stories had a huge effect on me at a tender age.


There’s a lot in the pipeline.  Very soon, SO very soon, I’ll be releasing the Love Seeing Lovers Video.  That’s when I will hollar next.


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  1. Ann Lipofsky February 10, 2011 at 2:41 pm #

    🙂 !!!

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