…the ODYSSEY the…

15 Nov

Hullo,  I am home from the East.  Saw Baltimore, Wilmington, played Philly and DC, slept in a pig barn built in 1790, mixed and fixed “Home Phone” with Miles Kennedy in Dumbo Brooklyn, hung with Naftali Rutter and talked about his latest work, a WSJ commercial called “Real Deal Key Lime Pie” which features music by Luke Westbrook, who has an amazing New Band in New York.   I wouldn’t normally hoot and hollar about a commercial, but this one has something reverent in it’s feeling…and it’s just loaded with talented young people who are doing their thing with flair.  Naftali is writing a feature film right now, and these commercials indicate that his game is presently very much ON.

Also featured in “Real Deal Key Lime Pie” is our homey Zac Jaffee, who plays the sweet man who keeps clipping articles for his lady.  On my second day in NYC, I saw Zac’s one-man show, “Heroes and Other Strangers” .  If you are in the area, you must get your butt to the Cell Theater this Thursday-Saturday, before his run is over.  Zac brings such magic to the table: years of deep work in the theater, a deep realness in his life, and a story framed from his own family history.   The play grabbed me by the throat and I cried in the final moment.  It’s not the kind of ending that obviously makes one cry, but others had the same reaction.

My reason for visiting all the other places I mentioned was to play with the Half of It, a funk fusion dance band out of Philly.  I’ve known some of these cats for a decade, and they’ve never stopped growing musically.  I leapt at the opportunity to play some shows with them.  Rehearsals, co-writing, and driving thither and yon…’twas a blast.  Here’s some footage from our DC show:

The last links lead to two new Peck EP’s, “Home Phone” and “Ghost of Payphone”…



Mind you, neither of these are OUT yet, but we think these tunes are done.  You are my special blog-reading homies, so I want you to hear these before most anyone else…The final step will be the mastering, and then this music will be pressed to VINYL…sha-BOO-yah.  Pretty exciting times.  Thanks to the generous support of my friends, fans, and family via Kickstarter.

More love soon, thanks for reading.


Miles Kennedy, wrapping up “Home Phone”…

Dan Paul, closing up the barn…


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