Guest post by my brother Austin Peck, writing from Egypt!

16 Mar

Long after the Miles Dyson/ Terminator revolution crushed the last of the human strongholds, they were confronted with a sudden dilemma of meaninglessness, having erased their enemy. But the revenge of the humans came in a way the machines never expected. Facing unlimited leisure time (as they needed not eat or work), the machines formed bands that would make synchronized soundscapes for other machines. Like moths to a flame, they would gather and attempt to analyze the signals. Those musical-machine who produced the sounds discovered that they could literally feed on the energy emitted from the other curiously stupefied machines that would gather around them. Naturally, the pattern became clear and they bands began to rove around the smoldering surface of the Earth, exploiting these machine-gatherings. Unsatisfied by live sound production alone, these blinking machine audiences wanted recordings to analyze further in private (as they were designed to be human-killers, not equipped to do high-fidelity bootlegs). The machine-bands saw opportunity in providing these recordings, as they would generate more live machine gatherings, however the cost of producing recordings was beyond the means and capabilities of the musical machines, thus record labels were born again, which covered this expense and in return, the musical machines were obligated to produce promotional videos like this one in an attempt to attract consumer-machines to these costly recordings… Ah, you know the rest.
Greetings from Egypt!

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