24 Apr

Something’s happening. A baby thing, 5 years in the making. It’s been so long since I’ve made a record entirely at home. But now we are very close. The belly is stretched to its limits, as mix engineer Tomas delToro-Diaz midwifes these songs into their final newness.

A couple sonograms for the curious:

We’re talking about the first album by ANCIENT BABY, which will be released as a book with a download code, pairing each song’s lyrics with an illustration by Rose Pearson, like this !!!


Donkey Roo


It’s amazing to be working with Rose, Tomas, and Cameron Snyder, who made some star turns on upright bass, alto saxophone, and a giant zydeco triangle that he hired a bayou blacksmith to make for him. The album seeks out the old strains of American song, while living in the now and drawing attention to the health of our planet, inspiring a human gentleness towards it, hopefully.

All of this to say, there is a WE to this album, though at times it seemed a lonely toil.  A lot of the album’s 12 songs have been record 3 times over, moving from one “pro” studio to another before realizing this music could only be made at home.  So there’s a kind of dark matter behind the album – fancy, expensive drafts that may never see the light of day nor the hairs of your ear – failed bulbs illuminating the final ones that are nearly incandescent.

Soon, I’ll be launching a KICKSTARTER to help with mixing, mastering, two music video’s and with paying the lovely band called Ancient Baby, featuring Ezra Lipp on drums and Dartanyan Brown on bass:


Keep an eye out for us, and this Kickstarter soon to come, and keep an ear to the ground.  Earth is telling us something, and I hope this Ancient Baby music was born of listening.

With love,




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