!!ANCIENT BABY is Coming!!

11 Nov

My Earthiest album is on the way, friends.  Today, I launched a Kickstarter, with the intention of pre-selling as many Ancient Baby records as I can.  Ancient Baby is an album about our planet and ourselves, and is dedicated to the Earth. This music is coming straight from my heart, and I want to reach as many of you as I can with it.

Have a look at this rad video from Owl Mountain, where the album is in progress! (recorded by Ethan Turner, shot by Jenn Chan, edited by Joe Mason):

The Ancient Baby process has been a long and winding one, spread across five years of solo gigs and multiple versions of the album’s 12 songs recorded at home and elsewhere.  But recently, the album has become a more collaborative animal.  Ethan Turner has been recording me at Owl Mountain Studios.  Cameron Snyder of the Deslondes played upright bass, saxophone, and triangle on a few tunes.  Rose Pearson drew 18 animal scenarios, which will be paired with the lyrics of each song in an illustrated book edition of the album.

In the past 9 months, I’ve started to performing the Ancient Baby music with a band.  Ezra Lipp and Dartanyan Brown played with me on the first gig.  Noah Wheeler joined me on bass for the next one. Now, we’ve solidified into a new quartet with Angeline Saris on bass, Sean Nelson on drums, and Adam Bowers on steel guitars.  It’s a blessing to be surrounded by such gifted and good people.

To take the collaboration to another level, I am asking you all to check this Kickstarter out.  If you dig what you hear, please consider pre-ordering the album, in 12″ Vinyl or Book form.  If you think anybody you know would dig this music, and the Earth-centered mission of this album, please pass it on to them!

With gratitude, thanks for reading,


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