11 May

Dear inner circle – after 7 years of writing and recording, the Ancient Baby album is OUT, in Vinyl, CD, Book and digital forms!

Have a listen here: 

Ancient-Baby_Cover_WEB_MD (1)


There are in fact two versions of the album, one recorded by Ethan Turner at Owl Mountain (the HiFi version), and the other recorded by me at home (the HomeFi).

This home-made version has it’s own distinct energy and instrumentation. It’s available in hard copy as 26 page book, pairing lyrics for each song with whimsical and poignant illustrations by Rose Pearson.

Or, both versions of the album can be had at once on a Double CD.

Have a look at the Book, CD and Vinyl editions here:

Gosh, it’s so exciting and also a bit of a relief to finally complete these babies and release them into the world. Thank you for listening, and for your support along the way.

Love, mystery and a healthy planet,




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