New Video ~ “Feather”

14 Jun
Dear friends,
I have something special to share with you:
A few months ago, a great French musician named Greg Bette visited me here in Marin County.  Greg had been incredibly hospitable when I visited France in 2014 and 2016 to play at the Festival de la Cour Denis. On the second trip, Greg played a key role in the French edition of the Ancient Baby band.

I wanted to return the favor by showing him a classic California experience. Luckily, the deepest California vibes I could possibly fathom were nearby in Inverness, at Owl Mountain studio.  This is the place where the Ancient Baby album was recorded, and also where Ethan Turner and Jenn Chan produce their fantastic Owl Mountain Sessions series on Youtube. This studio was built in the 1970’s by Marin music legend Jesse Colin Young, and has been helmed by Ethan for some twenty years now. Perched on a ridge line overlooking Tomales Bay, this studio exudes a golden era California energy.

Ethan and Jenn gamely took me up on the idea, and Greg and I made our way up the mountain one Saturday afternoon. Ethan suggested that we come to the studio “with just a notion”, and try to compose the music then and there at the studio.

The video you see above are the results…Owl Mountain Sessions, Number 13! We went to a really transcendent place that day, and approached the whole thing with a spirit of “YES”. Jenn was there throughout, filming us, setting up some truly stunning shots. We couldn’t be happier with the result. Take this flight of fancy with us, and in the process get a peek at the room where the Ancient Baby album was made, with many of the same team members who brought their skills to bear on this video.  While you’re at it, hit “subscribe” on Ethan and Jenn’s Owl Mountain Sessions youtube channel, where this video resides. Everything they publish there is gorgeous and unique.



Thank you, as always, for your eyes, ears and support.



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