LOAN’s “Blue Phase” – the Album Is Out!

6 Feb

~ And just like that, the album was released into the world ~ It’s called “Blue Phase”, by LOAN. Four years in the making, there are a lot of vibes on here, from smooth to steel mill, blue to blinding. We hope you’ll give it a spin:


LOAN, a collaboration between myself and poet Tongo Eisen-Martin, was founded in 2012. “Blue Phase” is our second release, and our first full-length album. Until the end of February, the album will be available exclusively on Bandcamp, or hand to hand. Then it’ll be streaming all over creation. If you like what you hear, please consider buying the album. We’d be ever-grateful.

Some very special people lent their talents so that Tongo and I could move this record across the finish line. Shout out to Tomas Deltoro-diaz, for patiently mixing this album over the course of 18 months and really understanding the secret of this band, Miriam Speyer for a spectacular vocal arrangement on “Blue Phase”, Biko Eisen-Martin, who went for broke on “Cleopatra” and sparked that song’s creation, Eli Carlton-Pearson for initiating, co-writing and playing organ on “Like God”, and John Greenham for his patient and alert work on mastering the album. Naftali Beane Rutter, thank you for cajoling the music on “Church Bell” into existence.



Photo by Ian Tuttle.

Album cover is a collaboration between myself and Parker Richard.

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