8 Jun

Hearing Is Feeling: A New Music & Talk Show

Tap, tap, tap, testing the mic:


I’ve recently launched Hearing Is Feeling: A New Music & Talk Show! I’ll be spinning favorite tracks and telling the lore, sometimes with guests and friends on board. Thus far, I’ve made two episodes, featuring music by several friends and heroes (they are the same.)

I’m using Spotify to publish this show, and I believe you’ll need a subscription to hear full songs. Otherwise, you will hear all the spoken parts, and 30 second samples of each tune. For years, I was somewhat opposed to Spotify. The platform seemed to pull people away from an intimate knowledge of music and musicians. However! With the addition of this “Music + Talk” feature, I think something really good is cooking. Curation will be returned to the hands of people, and people who care a lot about their musical interests. I’ve long dreamed of hosting a radio show, where I can highlight music that I feel is important, adventurous, and overlooked. This platform is a great fit for that ambition.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the show, and I hope it helps you make space for music in your life.

Yours in music,


Here’s episode two, the most recent:

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