An Interview with Cameron Forsley

24 Oct

This Summer, I drove through 18 states. Rather than scheduling a string of performances to carry me through the trip, I decided to look for people to interview in every town. 

When I got to Santa Fe, I looked up Cameron Forsley right away. Cameron had lived in the Bay Area for 10 years plus, and had collaborated with a host of artists in his time here.

Cameron has made a lot of art for me: album covers, posters, stickers, t shirts, a tattoo on my right shoulder, even the cover of a book that I never published in paper form.

After all this, I thought I knew Cameron very well. But he’s a deep cat, and in this very nourishing conversation, he revealed more of his story, and his perspective.

Please enjoy episode 2 of my Youtube interview series, “Hearing Is Feeling.” I hope you find Cameron’s company as enjoyable as I do.


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