New Music Today

17 May

My dear friends, today is the day:

Here is the first single from the “Exact Change” album. It’s called “Young Inside”, and I hope it makes you feel that way:

“Exact Change” is a solo album, by which I mean it’s twelve new songs, recorded live and solo, with no overdubs. It was recorded and produced by my close friends Alex Rather-Taylor and Miles Wick, across three sessions in 2021 and 2022, in Sonoma CA and Elgin TX. These guys made me feel so at ease, and capable of doing new things in front of their microphones.

On a technical note, this album was recorded onto a DSD digital one bit recorder, through microphones that Alex hand-wired together out of kits that he bought from the Microphone Parts company in Sebastopol CA. The signal went through a Soundcraft 200b mixer, and then a DAV Audio preamp, and into the KORG DSD.

All of this to say, Alex and Miles and our fourth musketeer Luke Westbrook assembled a very hip recording rig, and I feel blessed that I got to work with such sensitive, musical, and tasteful collaborators on this album.

When it came time to mix, I called on my friend and mentor Ethan Turner, who put the music through his hand-built plate reverb, among other magic tricks at his studio, Owl Mountain.

To finish things, John Greenham mastered the album, with a light, zen-like touch.

I’m now figuring out what kind of hard copies I’m going to make of the album, and where to throw the release party in the fall. Stay tuned, as more news and music on this front will be coming soon.

Thank you, as always, for your ears and your support.


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