Summer ain’t over, and Peck wants to prove it. “KALIMBA” is the wistful story of a love lost, disguised as a breezy 1980’s club-jammer.

Filmed in and around the Marin Civic Center (a moonbase-like Frank Lloyd Wright structure in San Rafael), the video has a retro-futurist feel throughout… think “Barbarella.”

While some of Peck’s previous material offers themes of love and sex over a bed of funk (have you seen “UNDERWEAR”?), there is an undercurrent of longing and reverence for the song’s subject, a free-spirited dancer named KALIMBA.

Made in response to the architectural language of the Marin Civic Center, the Kalimba video was an open-ended collaboration between Peck, director Derek Huang, dancer/choreographers Jodie Van Horn, Casey Lee Thorne & Jerrilee Geist, designer Lindsay Rickman & R&B juggernaut Greg Scott.

The song itself is the second single from Peck’s Ghost of Payphone ep, and was written, performed and produced by Peck, Greg Scott & Tomas delToro Diaz.

PECK THE TOWN CRIER is a multi-instrumentalist Song-Rap raconteur. He has been featured on MTV.com, the Wall Street Journal.com, KQED and a growing raft of rags.

Peck’s 10 albums have fetched comparisons to George Clinton, Frank Zappa, Beck, and Jonathan Richman. On stage and in the studio, he has worked with MC Lars, the Naked Hearts, the Jazz Mafia and others.

Home Phone/Ghost of Payphone” is Peck’s latest album, which was funded by a Kickstarter campaign last fall. Home again in Fairfax CA, after a summer tour of the Pacific Northwest, Peck has just released KALIMBA, his newest video…

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