8 Aug

At one point in my life, there was only one fish in the sea for me.  Between 1992 and 1997, I saw Phish play 6 times.  (good lookin’ out, ma.)

So, with a crew of friends who’d also been zealots at one point,  we made a pilgrimage to Shoreline this past week.   So many things, including the older music, were so nostalgic about the show. The average audience age: probably 29-39.

But the important thing is that they KILLLLED IT.  I am so happy to’ve seen them in such good form. The two sets amounted to about 3 hours of playing, I’d wager, and their playing was crisp, and the improvisations were fresh and conversational.  There’s some new levels of dissonance going on, that sound less like a gag, and more sleek.

They’re also back to writing long, through-composed, tension and release kind of music too, within which they’ve created their own genre.  The vocal harmonies were beautiful and nuanced, and the setlist very varied in vibe, very.

Their next record is gonna be called Joy.  Maybe they’re happy to be playing together again…

A fateful day awaits.  I’m driving to Fresno next week to sell my favorite guitar.  It’s fetching a respectable price, and has appreciated a lot over the years.  I’ve done a lot of mythologizing about this guitar over the years, at one point likening it to “the sword that cut the ring from Sauron’s hand.”
Here it is:
Rest, little axe.  A new journey is ahead.  The most important lesson for me: I am a guitarist, not a guitar collector.  I’m not selling my guitar playing, but one guitar.
Where will the dough will go?  It’s a SNAKE-related surprise.
Last week, I hung at the Marin Civic Center.  (to be auditioned for a part in an upcoming reality called “jury duty”)
I love that place.  I’m so grateful that Frank came to Marin and gave us a Utopian Moonbase.

Frank Lloyd Wright had lofty ideas.  I like when they create public buildings with artistry, craft and symbolism.  In a competitive world, most new buildings are purely efficient,,, such vibe-killers.  Not the Civic Center, thanks Frank, and whoever passed the project back in the fifties.
Been getting’ weekly colonics from an old Russian lady, named Roza.  This blog will become increasingly focused on my weekly colonics…
Alright, I am bouncing across town, to catch Novato’s equivalent of the bonaroo fest: SAMAPALOOZA.  There’s 11 bands playing, including a solo set from me.
Here’s the bill:

samapaloozaAddress is 575 Atherton Ave, Novato Ca, 94945, cover is optional, $10 suggested donation

If you’re in range and feeling spontaneous, come!  The fest started at noon, and won’t end till’ 10pm.
Peace, sweet wags, I’m already missing the first band!

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