Tectonic Shifts

18 Aug

Last Tuesday, I drove out to Fresno, to sell my George Benson guitar. I quite liked it. There’s a lot of adorned deadspace, signs of boredom well spent.
fresno tires

fresno death

The dude who bought the guitar was sweet. He was telling me about a rockabilly legend who lives down the road in the trailer park, whose name is Sandy Koker:


Dude was pretty disappointed that my guitar was so worn. In the pictures, it looked more minty fresh. He had all these shining perfect guitars, I saw what he meant. His energy was reluctant.

But my gramps was a car-salesman, then a travel agent & I caught the gab gene, the folksy one. So I remembered that Brian Kenney Fresno has a song about a taco place in Fresno, called Bobby Salazar’s. So I told the dude I’d go get some lunch, give him time to think. “Do you know where I can find this place, Bobby Salazar’s ?” He lit right up and gave me a long string of directions, which I followed to this place:

bobby salazar's

Not that hip afterall, or particular to Fresno. Maybe BKFresno’s song was less of an homage than I thought.

Got back, and stood in the crossroads, thought about how little I’d be willing to take, and whether I’d mind driving back to the bay with the Benson still in my possession.

Whatever will be, will be. I am in a time of tectonic shift, and I’m unclear what it’s all gonna look like. So, because I’m the world’s child, dude bought the axe. It felt like a great release of energy. Here he is, on his back patio, strummin it.
going, gone~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Played 3 shows in the past week:

-On Saturday, Samapalooza turned out to be one of the funnest shows I’ve ever played. I did a solo vibe, rapping with my i-pod. I ain’t lying: There were screaming, dancing girls all over the place. Old man still got it, yo. Here’s what the grounds looked like:
Beautiful event, props to Andrew Keating, Sam Belletto, Meredith Alessandri and the rest who threw the fest. I’ll have some video of it soon, I hope.

-On Thursday, the Crymuscles played a big lodge-y joint in Novato, called the Wild Fox. We played for 2 hours, which gave us a chance to really stretch out on some music. The line-up: Chris Dietrich, Jon Rogers, Brian Wilkerson, and me.

-On Friday, the next night, the same Crymuscles line-up took it city-side, at the Art Shack, on Linden. We shared a bill with a really killin, soulfull band: Con Brio.  We need to play with them again, fo sho. Very much a sister band to the Muslces.
The Art Shack is another stunning space…I’ll have some footage of this show soon as well.
Peace peeps,

One Response to “Tectonic Shifts”

  1. Erin August 22, 2009 at 1:05 pm #

    That is hilarious that you ate at Bobby Salazar’s. What did you order?

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