4 Sep

Feel me on that? I know the equinox isn’t till the 21st, but I still think like a school kid. I teach too, and live in the burbs, so there’s a visible change on the streets, now that the little buggers are back at their desks. Maybe that’s got something to do with it. But it’s deeper, too. There’s action in the air, occasional nights down in the 30’s. It’s getting dark earlier, and the light’s getting pale and golden, depending on the time of day. Thankya, Jeezus! I always suffer in the summer. Fall is where it’s at; the snake likes the fall.

A couple good friends were playing Monday night. I took the excuse to get the hell out of Marin, picked up my bro Joe in the Presidio, and started with CON BRIO at El Rio. (woah.) They were playin’ hard, to packed room of sweaty, fascinated people. It was cool to hear them play a couple decibels louder than the last time I heard them in the Lil’ Art Shack on Linden Lane. It’s unmistakable when a band is in love with each other, and glad to be playing. They’ve got that energy, fo sho. Just look at them:

Then me n’ bro Joe went to the Elbo, (woah), and caught ZIRIGUIDUM ORKESTRA, the newest brainchild of Paulo Presotto. (Some of you already know Paulo, because he brings his witchy thing to the Crymuscles both live and on “Le Chronique”) He’s vibing with some of the cats from Brax, (his last band), and some new killers, making a more aggressive vibe, with more sonic experimentation and extended playing. There’s also an element of theater going on that I was really feeling. They opened the set with chimes, atmosphere, and Livia (P’s lady) playing the didge. I love a good entrance. And also on a macro level, since this was their first gig, they’ve made a bangin’ entrance as a band.



Remember a few entries ago, I told you a surprise would come from the proceeds of my Fresno trip? Well, here’s one that will make my body and the world more musical:


Yeah, yo. A Schwinn. I got this 1980 (the year I began crying in public) Super Sport and a trailer for a song, at the Recyclery in San Rafael. Compared to my time on the heavy old Peugot I was riding before, I feel like a shark on this thing!

Lastly, in late September, I am going to NYC to work with director Naftali Rutter on my first proper music video. Have you heard “Underwear”? The shoot will involve a whole lotta dancers, in a park in Brooklyn, perhaps a couple cameos too. That’s all I’ma say for now.

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