On September 20th, HOME PHONE will ring!

9 Sep

Cameron Forsley's Home Phone Companion Poster, available soon!

The hour draws near.  On Monday, September 20th (which is the final night of summer), y’all come out to the ELBO ROOM, for the HOME PHONE ep Release Party! Me and the new band will be holding court, with two sets at 9pm and 10:30pm.  So whether you’re crashing early or working late, we got you covered.

Kicking off the proceedings is one of my favorite bands, Roy G Biv and the Mnemonic Devices. Such a gorgeous band, so inviting and vibed-out.

The cover is $8, with a top-secret $3 ticket for those coming after 10:30pm.  (that’s you, foodies, recording engineers and musicians…)

The beautiful poster art above is by Cameron Forsley, of 16th & Mission fame.  It’ll be available in limited edition at the party, lovingly printed and rolled out for $5 bones.


Now, it’s no secret: I love having my picture taken. & My favorite person to pull the shutter is Cat Rivera. Since HOME PHONE was recorded at my home, (by producer Miles Kennedy), I invited Cat over to document my native habits.  Scroll down to the bottom for some of the results…


Lastly, because you are my special ones, who visit me here in my home, I wanted to sneak preview two new tracks to you: “Cynical Watcher Mr.Peep” and “Alakazam”, which will both appear on Reach For the Sky, a tribute album for the late Sky Saxon.  I’m honored that these covers will reside alongside those of Nels Cline, Mike Watt, Billy Corgan, and a whole host of other folks.  I can’t wait for these to drop! To learn more about the album, visit Skysaxon.com, which is maintained by Sabrina Saxon…

THAT’S IT FOLKS, till the next leaf of this book.  I hope to see you all on the very special night of September 20th at the Elbo Room!  Also, I’d be much obliged if you would pass on the facebook invite .

Thanks to you all, my dear inner circle folk.


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