Alllll according to plan…

16 Sep

Hey Bay-Bays- (my term of endearment for Bay Area folk…this post is for you:)

As the Home Phone Release Party approaches, the night is looking more and more special.  A tastey DJ spins classics and quasi-classics,  guests from here and afar drop in to sit in, Roy G Biv rehearses their rootsy love music, and Peck and his band sharpen their kung-fu.

Yes yes, allll according to plan.  So I beseech you to mark it off on your calendar: next Monday night, September 20th, 8pm at SF’s Elbo Room, Bay-bays.  It’s going to be a night to remember, and for a mere $8 dollars, you’ll catch all these musicians en vivo, AND get a FREE download of Home Phone, my home-made ep.  (if you’re working late, or you’re just plain broke, remember that the cover drops to $3 after 10:30, and maybe even lower later…)


And while thoughts of Home Phone dance in your imagination (“what’s it gonna sound like?”,,,”how will it feel when I get to the party??”), I want to plant another seed, and tell you about my next ep: Ghost of Payphone, a lunar counterpoint to sunny home phone,  full of glitches, beats, rhymes, and serious jokes.

Yes yes, it’s allll moving forward, just as planned.  Last month in Ventura,  in a $100 dollar mansion, myself and a band of brothers convened, and began tracking Ghost Of Payphone. Below is a taste of the week’s work, featuring the talents of Tomas del Toro Diaz (producer/writer, below), Greg Scott II (singing/writing), and David Whitten (slappa d bass, ).  This song’s called “Kalimba”, it’s a work in progress:

This is Tomas, who has wide musical horizons.  Look at the brain on him!

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