The Album Is Out! ~ Sparkling Water ~ Let it flow~

11 Nov

Here we go people, the “Sparkling Water” album is out! May it refresh you & become a part of your flow.

Until the new year, the album will be available on Bandcamp only, or direct from me, as a digital download or on a limited edition CD. If you have trouble using the Bandcamp player (above), just drop me a line, and I’ll get the music to you pronto:

We’ll be celebrating with a full~band show this Saturday, 11/13 at Smiley’s in Bolinas, from 5-7pm. Outdoors, all ages, all welcome, free admission if you don’t need to reserve a table.

I only get to write a post like this every few years, so it’s time to recognize my friends who made it possible:

Andrew Erickson recorded some sparkling drums, bass, piano and vocals. Adam Bowers agreed to wear a cowboy hat as he laid down his simultaneously sensitive and macho Steel Guitar and Backing Vocal parts. Sean Nelson, Adam Bowers, Noah L Wheeler, Angeline Saris, James M Harman and Curtis Aikens gave many of these songs their first incarnation, on the bar stage at Terrapin Crossroads. Kimberly Ortman sang with effervescence on “Nocturnal Girl”, turning a lonely ballad into a sweet duet!Tomas Deltoro-diaz mixed the album in a five day marathon hang down in Bakersfield, reviving my worldview in the process. Bro, let’s climb a mountain of empty La Croix cans together again soon. John Greenham mastered the album and let me talk his ear off about Pat Metheny. Ian Tuttle took the crazy cover photos, with his signature spirit of improvisation, mirth and mischief. Lindsay Rickman came through huge on the costuming, for the umpteenth time, sewing the CD suit in her secret lair and bringing a long time dream to life. Parker Richard designed the packaging for this CD, and for the last two albums as well, teaching me many mutant life hacks along the way. Luke Westbrook, Miles Wick and Alex Rather-Taylor listened to a great many drafts of the album, giving me an inner circle of insight, encouragement and advice. Steffen Franz and Ben Lang, thanks in advance for helping me figure out what comes next ~~~>And lastly, big up to my Patreon supporters who listened to every version of the record as it came to life, and made me feel like this project was valuable and do~able.

Thanks for reading & thanks for listening.

Yours in music,


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