New Year Newsletter

1 Jan
(photo by Austin Peck, Brooklyn, October 2000)

Here we are. 2022. As I drifted off last night, I thought about the numerics of our new year. Three 2’s, 1 zero. When last did we have a distribution like this? 1999 had three 9’s and one 1. 2000 was like that too. But now, after 2022, there won’t be another number like that until the end of this millennium…if we stick with this calendar system.Oh, well. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.  How was 2021 for you? I reckon it was a highly concentrated year. A lot of relief and foreboding packed in there, no? Maybe not sad to see it go, but I do enter this new year with an enlarged heart, and I have 2021 to thank for it.As the river of cultural change rises and quickens, I lean towards tradition, and towards remembering. In that interest, here is the latest episode of “Hearing Is Feeling”, focused entirely on The Plant aka the Record Plant, a soon-to-be-reopened recording studio in Sausalito, that has seen an astonishing amount of classic albums made inside it’s funky redwood slatted walls. I could have gone much deeper with this episode, but it came together as more of an intro for the uninitiated.

Some months back, you might have caught my post here about a multi-movement piece called “Rooftop Suite.” This piece was commissioned by video artist Jim Vecchi, who will eventually use it as a part of his sprawling and wonderful video installation “At My Window”. For now though, he’s ok with me sharing the music. At times, it’s got sort of a 70’s detective show vibe, and there’s a long middle movement that gets into something swimmier. It’s now mastered and done, and I hope you enjoy the journey, all 22 minutes of it. Perhaps it’s good for a long drive, or a stretching session on the floor.

As we shake off the last rags of our restful holiday and move into the new year, I feel hopeful about these things: home, travel, divisions healed, intuitions followed.I will be in touch again soon with news of new recordings and releases. It’s a joy to stay in touch with you here.  Thank you for your eyes and ears and support.

Until soon,


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